Our Different Health Care Service For you

  • Regulatory Support Services
    Higher End Regulatory Support for different medical Services.
  • Strategic Consulting Services
    Strategic advices which will maximize the success for clients.
  • Technical and Soft-skill Trainings
    Advanced GCP, GMP, GDP and Various Soft skill Trainings

Regulus Health Care India

Who We Are

REGULUS HEALTHCARE is an advisory firm specialised in the healthcare sector. The firm is driven by firm belief in the scientific advancement in the field of medicine and healthcare management.

REGULUS offers its consultancy services for an early market access with proactive and pragmatic regulatory compliances and strategic advices that can maximize the success for its client.

Our expertise includes regulatory support services, strategic advice in the clinical development, compliance advice, biostatistics and medical writing and communication. We also specialise in strategic advices for early and effective market access for healthcare products. Our main focus includes India Entry strategy, Market estimation. Business forecasting & sales force optimisation.

We provide various technical and soft-skill trainings and communication strategies which will help your team stand-out in the competitive market and will always strive to be successful.

REGULUS is indeed your reliable partner in setting and accomplishing your business objectives.

Do you Need Our Services ?

Regulatory Support Services, Strategic Consulting Services, Technical and Soft-skill Trainings

Regulatory Support


Regulatory road map for Human medicines, veterinary medicines, medical devices and medical diagnostics, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and food supplements

Strategic advices in clinical development, regulatory road map

Writing services for clinical study protocols, biostatistics, reports and manuscripts Regulus provides medical content writing for print and digital media such as monographs, patient educational material, articles, promotional leaflets etc.


Regulus Health Care Team offer the best Strategic Consulting Services In India


Market size


Potential regional markets


Competition analysis


Price points (pricing model)


Company Structure and restructuring advice


Strategic Consulting Services

Channel Partners

REGULUS with its network can help you with the following:

  Identification of relevant Channel partner for specific segments that add value

  Due diligence on its credibility and competency

  Periodic performance review of channel partners

What REGULUS Offer ?

REGULUS offers a gamut of services in the Healthcare sector with its expert team, right resources and partners, network across various levels, an on ground team with in-depth market insights, can be the most trusted knowledge partner for any company who aspires to do business in India.

Regulus Chain


An Experiential Learning Process done in an environment that is conducive to great learning and achieving ambitious milestones.

Outbound trainings have the potential to bring about Team Cohesiveness that leads to transformation in participants ability to improvise, bond with their team members, resulting in improved performance quality and organizational growth.

This Corporate adventure includes Trekking, Rappelling, Burma Bridge crossing, Trapeze swinging, Rafting and many such exciting activities. The participants experience Real time lessons that cannot be taught in classrooms.

At Regulus our endeavour is to customise tailor made outbound training activities that align with the training objectives of the organisation. We work towards designing modules that will also have high impact on improvement in the behavioural traits of the participants.

Outbound Training


REGULUS Offer technical and softskill training with modern class room features for both freshers and professionals

Different Programm Trainings

GCP trainings for fresher as well as experienced clinical trials professionals

GMP trainings: API, FFs manufacturers

GDP trainings: planning, layouts, central warehouse, destructions hubs, distributors/ stockists etc.

Soft skills trainings on communication, sales call, time management, leadership programs etc.

Soft skill Trainings

GDP and GMP trainings

Training Features

Interactive class room trainings, workshops, role plays etc.

GDP and GMP trainings are adapted as per the local language.

Participants assessment and grading